Listen, y'all, don't want to mess around trying to steal cars in Dallas, TX. Or anywhere in Texas for that matter. Just like Pancho, we wear our guns outside our pants, for all the honest world to feel.

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This potential car thief gotta big ol' helping of this Dallas man's gun. If the video is to be believed, the man with the gun (and camera phone) stopped a would-be car jacking with nothing but a gun, a stendo (where'd he keep this? Down his pants?), and an endless stream of obscenities.

I can't lie, I'd probably be cussing this dude out too, just be sure to have the volume turned down on the video if you're at work.

The hero of our video even gets a few really harsh digs in on the suspect, informing that his car is a stick shift, "can you even drive a f*ckin' stick?" Got him!

The original tweet points out that this happened in The Big D, and once the police show up, they are able to takeover the situation from there. Our hero lowers his gun, and appears to even offer to return the suspect's phone to him. Although not much context is there regarding that.

Y'all, don't mess with Texa(n)s.

As far as stand your ground laws in Texas go, they are still growing. In fact, according to, in 2009, a group of Houston attorneys founded Texas Law Shield, and an annual fee of $131, a member gains access to a 24/7 legal hotline, experienced self-defense attorneys and discounts on firearms courses and classes.

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