When you move into a new home, whether it be into a new neighborhood or apartment, you want a peaceful environment.

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You want to have a good relationship with your neighbors, but you don't need someone all up in your business.   As a homeowner, you need your privacy.

86% of Americans have had at least one nosy neighbor.

You definitely don't need Karen or Chad, running out of their house every time you step out of your door asking 20 questions.

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Hi, I saw a strange car in your driveway, who came to visit?

You and the missus got into a tiff last night, we could hear you fighting next door.

Sticks head over the fence, Whatcha cooking up their buddy?

I saw you had a package dropped off, I didn't want it to get stolen, so I grabbed it and now I'm bringing it to you, what's in the box?

Either that or they are always lurking, staring out their windows, or they are always complaining.

Shocked senior man looking out of window, nosy neighbor

Out of every 10 Americans, 3 have lived next to neighbors who peek over their fence or into their homes.

Another perk of living in Texas is the lack of nosy neighbors.   In most neighborhoods, people keep to themselves.   While most neighbors talk to each other, maybe even BBQ with each other on occasion, keep an eye on one another, but for the most part, keep to themselves.

  • Texas ranks #10 state with the least nosy neighbors.
  • Only 28% of Texas residents report having a neighbor who invites themselves over.
  • Only 14% report having a neighbor who asks inappropriate questions.
  • Only 29% report having a neighbor who watched over a fence and into their house.
  • 46% report having a neighbor who watched them from afar.

Michigan is the state with the most nosy neighbors.  If you want your privacy you definitely want to stay away from Michigan.

All Star Home surveyed 1,979 Americans to find the city and states with the nosiest neighbors, and the results are fascinating, you can read more on the study here.

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