Amarillo is full of restaurants and people who love to eat out.

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If you want to know what restaurants to eat at and ones to avoid, most of the time you look to reviews.

There is an Amarillo Restaurant Review page on Facebook where you can go to find a review or leave a review about an Amarillo restaurant.

The Facebook Group is called: Amarillo Restaurant Reviews....At Your Own Risk

First of all, this is a no-holds-barred type of Facebook group.   People voice their opinions loud and clear, so if you are a bit sensitive to certain things this isn't the group for you.  Don't bother reporting posts to admins, they won't care.  Hence the "at your own risk."

The group over the years has grown to over 22,000 likes and they are reaching 25,000 members, and once the group hits that many, they are going to do a giveaway.

They asked all their followers especially the business owners if they would donate a prize and boy did those business owners come through.

Some of the businesses donating prizes:

  • Walk-Ons
  • Kind House Ukraine Bakery
  • Pizza Hut
  • Big Jim's Pizza Co.
  • She She Cakes
  • Amarillo Country Club
  • Aspen Creek
  • Giovanni's
  • Hooters
  •  The Local Wedge
  • Golden Rose Tea Room
  • Texas Bar and Grill
  • Good Vibes Tattoo
  • Elmos
  • Blue Crane Bakery

They haven't said how they are giving away the prizes yet.  It may go to one person, it may go to several, but if they don't get to 25K likes then it won't happen.

Let's help them get there!


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