We've seen a lot of people rejoicing over the rain we've had recently. Honestly, we've needed it. While we were all praying for rain, I don't think any of us imagined it being like this; days on end of thunderstorms and showers. All that rain has led to a cancellation in the area.

The rain has put an end to the Borger Beach Bash for 2023.

What Do You See When You Think, "Beach"?

Sand is somewhere in the picture. It's an important ingredient when making a beach. You need to have sand.

According to a recent announcement made on social media, Beach Bash in Borger is being canceled this year because of that all important ingredient.

The post states that with all of the rain, they're unable to get the sand they need for the bash.

Borger Is Bummed

Reading through the comments, it's obvious that Beach Bash is something that Borger looks forward to. Honestly, it sounds like it's a great time.

Activities planned include everything from volleyball to food trucks.

Comments ranged from just how bummed out people are, to people who have been trying to go for years only to have it never work out. This year was supposed to be their year, and then...

It sucks. There's no other way to put it. It's unfortunate.

Fingers Crossed For Next Year

Hopefully 2024 is a little kinder to the Borger Beach Bash. As far as 2023 is concerned, refunds are going to be issued.

Hopefully the weather will play nice with other events planned for the upcoming weeks and months.

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