If you've lived in Amarillo for any number of years you know that Independence Day is a holiday that not a lot happens for in town. We don't have a huge blow-out parade. There aren't massive fireworks displays and massive crowds. There are celebrations all over the panhandle, but usually, there isn't much happening in Amarillo...at least it seems that way. This year, though, looks to be very different.

Amarillo Is Celebrating Independence Day +1

So, what the heck is Independence Day +1? I asked the same question when I first saw it. The answer is simply the day after Independence Day. Instead of having a massive celebration on the 4th, one will be held on the 5th. I appreciate this because it still allows everyone to get in their annual traditions, while still being a part of something new in Amarillo.

According to the information available online on the Amarillo Parks and Recreation website, there will be a lot happening during this celebration and it isn't going to cost anything to attend.

Feeling Patriotic With Fireworks, Drones, Food, And Live Music In Amarillo, Texas

According to the available information, it all kicks off at 4 PM on July 5th in John Stiff Park. There will supposedly be live music featuring a local band and a headliner (yet to be announced as of this moment), food trucks, a beer garden, a fun zone set aside just for the kids to enjoy, and then at dark the show really begins.

There will be fireworks and a drone show. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more drone shows as time goes on. This is now the third one I've heard of happening in Amarillo this summer, and I doubt we stop there.

All in all, it's exciting to see Amarillo getting a big celebration this year. It's being put on by Amarillo Parks and Rec and Outdoor Amarillo. You can get all of the details here.

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