A recent post online in an Amarillo, Texas group asked a great question. The post contained photos and videos of the night the author's house was hit by a vehicle. The author pointed out that it seems to be happening more frequently.

Why Are There So Many Wrecks Involving Houses In Amarillo, Texas

A quick search on Google for incidents involving a vehicle crashing into a building or home brings up several new stories from this year. One happened as recently as this past Sunday. That one involved a shootout with police after the suspect crashed their car into a home. The place their vehicle plowed through? A child's bedroom. Fortunately, the child is okay.

Officers returned fire on the suspect, and he was struck. He later died at an area hospital.

It's crazy to think that something like this would ever happen. Of all of the things that can happen when someone is behind the wheel, parking in someone's living room just seems like it should be outside the realm of possibility. Yet, in Amarillo, we've seen it happen a handful of times already this year.

March 8 A Vehicle Struck An Apartment Complex In Amarillo, Texas

According to reports, this instance was caused by a medical issue. This is the one reason that makes at least a little sense to me. Medical emergencies happen. They don't usually wait for you to find a convenient place to experience the emergency. If they take place behind the wheel, the results can be terrifying.

In this instance from early March, the driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the resident of the apartment that was struck had left before the wreck took place.

In January, A Fiery Crash Turns Fatal

Earlier this year, tragedy struck when a driver in an SUV veered off the highway. They struck a fence, a gas line, and a building near the old English Field Terminal. It happened around 9:30 AM.

The SUV caught fire, and tragically, the driver was trapped inside. Reports say they died at the scene. You have to wonder what made them veer off the highway like that

When you're behind the wheel, stay off of your phone. Drive within the speed limit. Pay attention to your surroundings, and never drive when you've been drinking. We've still got plenty of time to turn things around in 2024. Let's try and have a safer year than the last one.

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