When you are a pet owner there is so much you have to do. You want to be responsible. You want to make sure your pets are around for a long time. When you get a pet you have to go through so much. You need to make sure they are set up from the beginning.

So What Does That Take?

You need to make sure all pets have their vaccinations. That is one way to keep them safe. I am a huge fan of getting my pets fixed too. Of course, you need food. You are going to want beds and toys. All the fun stuff that dogs love.

I had dogs that loved to escape. They loved to see our neighborhood and make friends. So another very important thing for your pet is to make sure they are microchipped. Even if they don't make a habit out of running away it only takes one time to make it worth it.

I remember getting phone calls because my dogs were chipped and it really makes it easier to get them back. A little extra security.

So microchipping is a one-time fee that is definitely worth it. Unless you can get it for free.

October is a Great Time to Microchip Your Pets

The City of Amarillo announced on Friday that Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare are offering free microchips in the month of October.

So there is peace of mind you can get for free. They are providing the microchip service as part of the “Return to Home Challenge” with the Maddie's Fund organization. There is no need for an appointment so just stop by during October and have one more way to keep your pets safe.

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