It's one of my personal favorite sports times of the year, the Olympics. The summer games in Paris are right around the corner and it promises to be another fun-filled, intense Olympic games. Athletes from all over the country, and all over the world, will compete to add that coveted gold medal to their collection.

One of the fun things about the Olympics is being able to attach to athletes that are from your hometown. Many different cities across the country have been represented at the Olympics, down to small cities you may have never heard of.

That got me thinking a bit. Obviously all 50 states have been represented at the games over time, and some will have had more athletes than others. The representation also changed whether it's the summer or winter games. You'll have more athletes in the Winter Olympics from say, Utah, than you will in the summer games.

I got curious to see how many medals have been won by state. I assumed it would be pretty cut and dry honestly, with the biggest and most populous states winning the most amount of gold medals. I was SOMEWHAT correct.

California has produced the most gold medals with 127 of them headed back to Cali. It's a pretty big drop off to number two on the list which is New York with 70 gold medals. That's nearly 200 gold medals just between those two states.

It's starts to bunch up quite a bit after that, and also gets a bit surprising. I figured I would see Texas in the top three, but alas, we were not. Ohio checked in at number three with 44 gold medals, with Illinois close behind at four with 40 gold medals.

That's two states I don't think I expected to see around the top five. So where did Texas land? Right after them at number five with 34 gold medals. Just goes to show you that big and populous states aren't ALWAYS at the very top of everything, right?

Still being inside the top five is awesome though, and we still have plenty of hopes to adding to that total in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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