The streets are a little safer today in Amarillo. Yesterday, Amarillo Police were able to arrest two fugitives that they had considered violent. Considering what they had on them at the time of their arrests, and the charges they were hit with, I'd have to agree with their statement.

Isaac Botello and Skyler Coleman were both arrested after a short chase and booked into Potter County Jail.

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Amarillo Police were able to locate both of the suspects at a home on Pinion Avenue. They observed the two hopping into a car and followed it. That was when the chase ensued. It didn't last long before the two suspects decided to flee on foot.

They went into a field on Lakeside and ran for a bit before police caught up to them. Once the officers caught up, the suspects were taken into custody without issue.

Botello was hit with 11 different charges. Four of those charges were bond surrender, meaning they were previous charges he was out on bond for but avoided the court proceedings for them. The other seven included various weapons charges, evading, and some drug paraphernalia charges.

Coleman also was tagged with 11 charges. Only one of his charges was for bond surrender. He was hit with a couple of different assault charges, two different evading charges, numerous weapons charges, along with the drug paraphernalia charges Botello got hit with.

Amarillo Police had some help in nabbing these two, as the Potter County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshals, APD SWAT, and the Proactive Criminal Enforcement Unit all assisted in locating the suspects and making an arrest.

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