Thank goodness for TikTok for allowing people to showcase some fabulously unique places to stay in Texas. Were it not for TikTok and @readysetjetset, I wouldn't know about half of these places that I hope to get the chance to stay at one day. I am typically here for tropical destination getaways but this house just caught my eye.

Were/are you a fan of The Lord of the Rings series? Heck, you really don't even have to be, this place in McKinney Texas seems like it would just be an experience.

The Hobbit House is what it is called, and according to, you now have a chance to experience the 'hobbit life' for a weekend getaway. Here are a couple of reviews for this beautiful home:

On Abby says,

Such a cute and adventurous little hobbit hole! My husband is a huge LOTR fan which is what made me want to book this place. I surprised him with a night here and he LOVED it (even being 6’ 4”). We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and would easily go back just for the fun of it. The decorations, the wood floors and stone walls, the huge wooden circle door, it was all so charming and authentic to the Hobbit.

And Fernando thinks that

The Hobbit House is an amazing stay! It was literally like living in a hobbit home. The authenticity was spot on. Cozy and quiet. A great spot for a nice getaway.

To be honest, I have never watched a Lord of the Rings movie but I fan and I'm already checking to see when I may have a chance to stay at this gorgeous home!

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