Let's face it, with the rising cost of everything, going out and enjoying a movie is an expense that gets cut from the budget.

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However, Cinergy is wanting to change that and offer their Box-Office Binge!

Credit: Wade Griffith / Cinergy Entertainment Facebook
Credit: Wade Griffith / Cinergy Entertainment Facebook

What's a Box Office Binge?

On Saturday, January 28th, Cinergy Elite Members will have the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited movie day.

That's as many movies as you can watch in one day!!

6. The Smell of Popcorn
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Oh and another great thing about the Box-Office Binge is you get to eat all the popcorn you want.  ALL. THE. POPCORN. YOU. CAN. EAT.

Who doesn't love a good movie and popcorn binge?  Think about the great movies you can enjoy in one day.

Movies in theaters right now are Puss 'n Boots, Avatar, A Man Called Otto, House Party, M3gan, and opening that weekend are Fear and Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist.

You can check out what movies will be running on Saturday, January 28th here.

How much does all this cost?

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Here's where your jaw is going to drop.  The cost for the Box-Office Binge is only $15 (plus taxes and applicable fees).  You read that right $15 for a full day of movies and popcorn.    Think about it, if you just went to one movie and got popcorn, that in itself is over $15.  We are talking about unlimited movies and popcorn.

Cinergy is usually open around 10 am when the first movie runs and until the last movie of the day releases and the latest shows start around 10:30 pm.  That's over 12 hours of movies in one day.

If you are thirsty you will have to purchase a beverage on top of your $15 tickets, but the great thing about Cinergy drinks is you can get unlimited refills.

How do I become a Cinergy Elite Member?

That's simple, you can sign up to be a member now.

As a member you get:

  • Free popcorn on sign-up.
  • $5 Elite reward after 300 points to spend however you want.
  • Special birthday movie ticket offer.
  • Exclusive content, sneak peeks, and special offers!

And you get the Box-Office Binge deal!

What a great excuse to get off the couch and get to Cinergy to binge some great movies.


Forget about inflation and soaring prices on everything and enjoy some movies and popcorn for one day!  The great thing is, it's on a weekend, so you don't have to take a day off work or school.

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