The Cautionary tale of Johnny Manziel continues on... The former Texas native who made a name for himself at Kerrvile Tivy that ultimately led to a big boost for the Texas A&M Aggies in his college days playing under Mike Sherman and Kevin Sumlin.  Plays that lead to a Heisman Trophy and a first round draft pick.

The NFL wasnt so kind to him as he got drafted by the Cleveland Browns where he did hold an interesting stat... before Baker Mayfield joined the team, "Johnny Football" was the last winning TD scored by a Browns QB which held for a few seasons. He was ultimately dismissed for allegations of domestic violence.

Johnny eventually made his way into the Canadian Football League playing for the Hamilton Tiger Cats before getting booted for substance abuse.

His time in the Alliance of American Football would have more to report but the league fell apart after only several weeks of play.

Now the 28 year old quarterback may be on his last chance as age is creeping up on him and lack of playing certainly will become a factor. The Fan Controlled Football league has reached a deal with Manziel to play for the league. The 7 on 7 league is a bit different as fans control all aspects of the game. including uniforms, play calling and more. Johnny will be  mic'd up with a helmet cam getting you into what exactly he sees on the field.

I am all about second chances but as Johnny finds himself on his 4th.... it is ultimately up to him to control his destiny... I want to see him succeed... I think we all do. Johnny Manziel has the potential to go from cautionary tale to the comeback story of redemption and hope that any player can look up to.

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