Jon Pardi fans are in for an exciting year. After kicking off 2019 by hitting the road with Dierks Bentley in support of the Burning Man Tour, the country singer stopped by the annual UMG Luncheon at the 2019 Country Radio Seminar to debut a brand-new song. Press play above to listen.

Before he launched into the new track, Pardi also revealed that he has a new album on the way. The "Night Shift" singer says that his third studio album will be out in the summer of 2019.

"I got my third record coming out this summer," Pardi told the audience before his performance. "And I'm really excited about it. I'm gonna play one of my favorites. Shout out to all the tequila shots going down here at CRS."

He then launched into the new track, "Tequila Little Time With You," a song that seems tailor-made for warm weather playlists and a summer album release. Flirtatious and goofy, the track tells the story of a budding romance stoked by good-natured puns and maybe just a little bit of liquid courage.

"I want tequila little time with you / A little salt and a lime will do / Hey, barman, will you bring us two? / I want tequila little time with you," Pardi sings in the song's chorus. "Talkin' it all out / See what you're all about / I hope you want tequila little time with me, too."

Pardi wasn't the only artist to share a new song during the annual event. Keith Urban debuted his soulful new "We Were," while Kassi Ashton offered a first listen of her new ballad, "Pretty Shiny Things."

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