Between his recent U.S. tour dates and his upcoming stint abroad for the C2C Festival in March of 2019, Keith Urban hasn't been able to spend much time off the road lately. However, whenever he does get some time at home, he goes into the studio to work on new music. Urban tried out a bit of one of his brand-new tracks during the Country Radio Seminar on Thursday (Feb. 14). Press play above to watch!

Urban hinted that new tunes were on the way in an Instagram post on Wednesday (Feb. 13), when he shared a snapshot of his hand giving a thumbs up in front of a microphone. "New music .....?!!!!!!!!!" he added.

Still, nothing concrete was announced, which made it all the more special when the superstar appeared onstage to debut a new song, "We Were," accompanying his vocals with acoustic guitar and a track on his iPhone -- well, kind of.

After a few bars of the song, Urban's iPhone track cut out, and he paused to restart it, saying he was going to give the backing music one more shot to try and get the full effect. Unfortunately the technical difficulties continued, and Urban powered on with his just his guitar. No one in the audience was complaining: The sparse performance lent an intimacy that complemented the ballad well.

Urban paused once more in the middle of the song -- this time because he'd forgotten the words. The singer cracked up at his own expense, wondering how it was possible to forget the words to a song he'd just written.

Technical difficulties aside, the song was a poignant, nostalgic ballad about a long-lost love and how difficult it is to forget. "We were leather jackets hangin' on to a Harley / Two heartbeats in the moonlight / We were both feet hanging over the edge of the water tower skyline," Urban sings in the chorus.

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