At the annual UMG Luncheon during the 2019 Country Radio Seminar on Thursday (Feb. 14), Little Big Town were among the artists signed to the label who debuted a new song during the showcase. In the event's kickoff performance, the superstar foursome delivered a touching ballad dedicated to all the women and daughters of the world. Press play above to watch a clip.

"Oh girl, wash your face before you come to the table / Girl, know your place, be willing and able," sang group member Karen Fairchild in the first verse of the song. "Take it on the chin and let the best man win."

The song speaks to the plight of young women who grow up being told that appearances take precedence over more substantive attributes, and that their voices are less important than those of the men in their lives: "Pose like a trophy on a shelf / Dream for everyone but not yourself / I've heard of God the son and God the father / I'm just looking for a God for the daughters," Little Big Town sing in the song's chorus.

The group wasn't the only country act to explore this subject matter during their performances in the UMG showcase. Later in the luncheon, Kassi Ashton debuted a new song called "Pretty Shiny Things," which also speaks to an experience of growing up hearing that outer beauty trumps intellect. While Ashton's performance delves specifically into the relationship between a mother and daughter, LBT's song takes on a broader perspective, calling for a new kind of "God" that speaks for the experience of young women.

Additionally, Little Big Town has previously used their platform to support women. During the 2018 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony in October of 2018, Fairchild used her time onstage to read off a list of up-and-coming female artists that she feels deserve more radio airplay.

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