I grew up in Chicago and one of my best memories is the city flooding the nearby city baseball field.  It would give us kids an ice skating rink. So I remember my mom taking my sister and me to the Goodwill to find some ice skates.

We grew up learning to ice skate. It was a skill I didn't really rely on once I moved here to Amarillo. When I worked for the Amarillo Bulls it made me smile that kids were in fact playing ice hockey and learning to skate.

It's an expensive sport to try as a kid. Just to see if you may end up liking it. Do you want to try soccer? Sure. Grab some shoes and some shin guards and you are golden. Want to learn to ice skate and play hockey? You need a little bit more than that.

That is not the case anymore. Kids Inc is making it possible for more kids to learn if hockey is the sport they are most interested in. They are teaming up with the Amarillo Wranglers and offering an Introduction to Ice Sports season.

They are making it affordable which is what Kids Inc. does for the community. For just $50 you can sign your kiddo up to learn a lot in the upcoming sessions. Each session is four weeks long.

They will learn to ice skate. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of skiing. They will learn how to start and stop on the ice. Finally, they will get an introduction to the sports including hockey, figure skating, and broomball.

Finally, such a valuable lesson that kids in Amarillo have been missing out on. Kudos to Kids Inc and the Amarillo Wranglers for stepping up and offering this great opportunity. To get signed up and find out more details go HERE.

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