Over the past few weeks we have seen a good amount of rain.  Of course, the entire Panhandle could use it but especially our area lakes.

When summer came around, people used to flock to Lake Meredith.  Thousands of visitors would go enjoy the lake.  But because of the drought, that number has declined dramatically.  The lake had it's lowest point of just 26 feet in 2013.  Thanks to the rain, that number is climbing back up.  Wednesday the lake's level was 46 feet deep.

This is great news, especially because we are expecting more rain.  The lake is still far from being full, but officials are optimistic that the lake will draw a crowd.  Texas Parks and Wildlife is even considering stocking the lake with fish this summer. Boating permits have also been lifted to encourage more people to come to Lake Meredith.

Hopefully the rain will continue and we can see the water levels rise even more.