You can say now that severe weather season is underway in the Texas Panhandle after overnight storms produced the first area tornado of the season.

This year has already been much better as far as rain fall in the Texas Panhandle. These past few years when you would travel the Texas Panhandle you were so used to seeing yellow, dead grass. Now the landscape is green from all the moisture that has come.

Rain has been so good that Randall County has lifted the burn ban for the first time in years, Potter County will discuss lifting the ban sometime in June. But of course with moisture comes the thunderstorms, some just thunder and lightning but others are severe.

Last night parts of Eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle were hit with some severe thunderstorms. Hail as big as golf balls and just 5 miles north of Adrian in Oldham County the Texas Panhandle had its first tornado of the season. Luckily, it was in open field and no damage was reported as of yet.

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