Guys, if the lady you're interested in is a Lauren Alaina fan, just know the bar for husband material is set pretty high. Alex Hopkins, Alaina's longtime beau and now fiance, consistently shows the world how thoughtful and supportive he is. Whether it's mushy captions or taking one for the team and going all-in on a Disney-themed Halloween costume, this dude gets it.

A quick once-over of Hopkins’ Instagram page proves he knows what it means to treat a girl well — and brag on her every chance he gets!

1. When he got nostalgic about meeting her.

Hopkins remembers being just a teenager, sitting by a pretty girl in this photo and confesses how nervous he was. Not only that, but he says he still gets nervous around her four years later and cements it all with a throwback photo. Adorable.

2. When he used hashtags to convince her to eat chocolate.

A lady does watch her figure at times, especially if she’s on a B.A. fitness journey as Alaina has shared, but as Hopkins notes, this does not matter on Valentine’s Day. He uses hashtags with the best of them on this post, joking with Alaina about not wanting to eat alone. Telling your girlfriend to eat chocolate and drink wine? That’s always going to get boyfriend points.

3. When he dressed up as Prince Eric.

A couples costume is nothing to take lightly, and Hopkins knows this. Rather than being a party pooper, he goes all-in head-to-toe when paired up with Alaina for their Halloween ensemble last year — Alaina as Ariel and Hopkins as Prince Eric. They made pretty convincing lookalikes, we have to say. And any couple that dresses up together, stays together.

4. When he declared her the prettiest girl on the planet (Especially without makeup)!

There’s something very genuine about Hopkins’ conviction that Alaina is truly the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and it comes through in posts like this one from the ACM Awards. The two look gorgeous together, of course, but Hopkins makes sure to note he still thinks she’s a knockout wearing sweatpants and no makeup, which he even says happens to be his favorite look. No girl is going to argue with that.

5. When he quoted Brett Eldredge to compliment her, swoon!

What girl isn’t a sucker for a song lyric? Hopkins channeled Eldredge for this post referencing (and showing off) her ‘blue diamond eyes,’ while the two were on vacation in Cancun — a perfect fit for the words to the tune.

In short, this dude is #boyfriendgoals.

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