You read that right, students at Leander High School, along with their creative theatre teacher, decided quite literally that, 'the show must go on' and will be breaking a leg virtually when they present their upcoming spring musical, 'COVID, The Musical!'

This is such a great way for theatre students who have been sidelined by the COVID pandemic to overcome the obstacles and disappointment of missing the chance to perform!

And who knows! Maybe just maybe, when the curtains open, we will be the first to see this relevant musical virtually before it gets to Broadway!

First Leander, then New York!

Photo Courtesy of KXAN
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'COVID, The Musical' not only gives these Leander High School students an opportunity to perform, but it also gives the students in the virtual audience some much needed comedic relief as parody skits such as " All Those Masks" performed to the tune of " All That Jazz" cover the pertinent topics teens have had to deal with for the past year. 'COVID, The Musical' also breaks ground for empathy and teen discussion when it comes to some of the more serious aspects of the pandemic, such as the isolation many students have felt this year.

Adam Romer, one of the lead characters in the new musical, offers that when these students look back on this year, they can say they found a way, " It is just something we can say we were able to do through these hard times." KXAN reports.

Photo courtesy of KXAN

Here is a great interview from KXAN featuring Adam Romer and Stacey Huston, Leander Theatre Asst. Director

What a great way to overcome the physical and mental hurdles of the pandemic by giving both performers and audiences something they can take with long after the curtains close, a unique musical experience that resonates with each of us.

A shout out to Stacey Huston, Leander Theatre Asst. Director and teacher who wrote COVID, The Musical for her students.

If you are interested in watching 'COVID, The Musical', please check for updated information including performance dates and times here.