I was checking Facebook this morning and I came across a post that had been shared by several friends. This post was asking women to be extra careful and safe when shopping in the Soncy area.  Apparently, there has been a man harassing women in the area.


The post I saw was written by a woman who said that she was shopping at a store when a man came up to her and started talking about working out. Then he touched her calf and proceeded to touch her thigh, even after being told it was inappropriate. You can read the story here.

If you continue to read the comments on this Facebook post, more and more women have had trouble with this man in the same area.

How do you protect yourself when you are out in public and shopping:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If someone makes you uncomfortable in a store or you notice that you are being watch or followed. It is OK to ask for an escort to your vehicle.
  • If a suspicious person approaches you, and makes you feel anyway unsafe or uncomfortable. If you can find a safe place then do so and call the police.
  • Have something to protect yourself, i.e. pepper spray, a handgun, a taser or even your car key.
  • Check your vehicle before exiting or entering
  • If possible always shop with a friend or loved one