If you find yourself wondering what to do this weekend, as is usually the case in the Texas panhandle, there's a big benefit you might be interested in. The best part of this live entertainment event, is that it will go towards a great cause.

Music Shelters Is Back For Its Fourth Year

If you're looking for something to do Saturday, Feb 19, then this is about the best bang you'll get for your buck. That's based just on the quantity of entertainment being offered.

There are eleven acts lined up for the event. Given that the door charge listed on the Facebook event page is just ten bucks, you're basically paying a buck per band.

Not bad.

  • What: Music Shelters
  • When: Sat. Feb 19, 2022; 6 PM
  • Where: Leftwoods, 2511 SW 6th
  • How Much: $10 according to the Facebook event page.

Along with the entertainment, it looks like you can expect for there to be a silent auction as well.

Who Does Music Shelters Benefit?

The event will benefit Amarillo Housing First and The Code Blue Warming Station. Given that we're currently in the winter months, this is a fantastic cause to get behind.

The Code Blue Warming Station provides warmth on extremely cold nights to the homeless population in Amarillo. It's low-barrier entry, which means basically that if someone can't or won't go to a traditional shelter for the night, they can find warmth there.

Interestingly enough, The Code Blue Warming Station depends on donations to exist, so it's great to see events like this take place to help offset those costs. Even more so with single-digit lows in the forecast next week.

You can find out more about Amarillo Housing First and The Code Blue Warming Station by following this link.

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