Earlier today (Dec 5) at La Fiesta Grande on 45th and Coulter in Amarillo Madam Mayor Ginger Nelson announced to a room full of supporters, friends, and family that she plans to seek her second term as Mayor of Amarillo.

Mayor Nelson was elected last year with 12,687 votes in her favor. She is a Texas Panhandle native, she grew up in Spearman, attended Texas Tech and moved back to Amarillo to start practicing law.

During her first election, her campaign site read "I want to stop the infighting and bring stability to the Amarillo City Council. My vision is a city where every citizen has an equal opportunity to safely live, work, learn, play, serve and prosper."

Her main focus has been Job creation and economic development, Safer neighborhoods, Better roads and streets, Communication and participation, Excellent customer service, Fiscal Responsibility for Amarillo. No word on if these 6 things will be the main focus for her re-election campaign.

The election for Mayor and City Council will be in May of 2019. For more updates, you can check out www.gingernelsonformayor.com

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