I went and had lunch in Downtown Amarillo on Friday. As we were walking from our office to the car we had a conversation about the newly painted bike lanes in Downtown Amarillo.

We have worked in this area for about five years and were discussing how many people we have seen riding bikes in the area. The answer among us was virtually none. We are into our second season of Sod Poodles action in the Downtown area. Maybe with this addition people will start actually riding bikes to the game. Maybe that is their intention.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I went to looking on Faceobook to see if I could find any talk of this. I found where Ginger Nelson was earlier talking about all the changes. Hopefully this is all good news for the city.

On a post from March of last year, pre Pandemic, Ginger included a list of areas getting re-striped or newly added bike lanes. The area I saw by my work was included in the list.

New or re-striped bike lanes:
• Coulter Street from Tascosa Road to Loop 335.
• Julian Boulevard from Interstate 40 to Bonham Street.
Bike lanes and shared bike lanes are scheduled to be installed at the following locations:
• Eighth Street from Buchanan Street to Crockett Street (connection to Rails to Trails) - October 2020.
• Seventh Street from Buchanan Street to Crockett Street (connection to Rails to Trails) - October 2020.
• 15th Street from Bonham Street to Johnson Street – October 2020.
• Johnson Street from 15th Street to Amarillo Civic Center/Hodgetown area – October 2020.
The area I saw the other day was in fact eighth street. I could see the bike lanes continuing on. It's nice to see improvements to the city. I just hope this is something that will be taken advantage of in the future.
Have you ever noticed anyone riding bikes in Downtown Amarillo? Comment below.

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