I can sum up the McDaily news in three words; Shaq, tuba, and mojo.  You know it's a good day when you read stories about Shaq singing on stage with a country artist. You know you are having a really good day when you here about a Broadway play that will have so much mojo it's groovy baby. To figure out what I'm talking about, check out today's McDaily News. 

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Easton Corbin was performing at the House of Blues in Orlando last Friday
when Shaq jumped on stage and sang “It Just Comes Natural.”

The L.A.P.D. says thieves are stealing tubas from schools in record numbers.
New ones cost $5,000 while used ones go for $2,000. They are hot sellers
on the open market. So cover your brass.

Austin Powers is being turned into a Broadway play. A source said
Mike Myers would be heavily involved in writing the show, but he will not star in it,
even though he has quite a good singing voice.