I had someone wish me a happy Memorial Day earlier today. And I didn't know how to answer back so I went with the standard "Thank you." Memorial Day is a holiday that if you sit back and really think about it, we made weird.

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I have been fortunate enough to have many extended family members serve in different branches of the armed forces and to my knowledge at least going back two-three generations have all made it back from their respective tours of duty. For that we are truly grateful and it is always a pleasure to thank them for their service even outside of Veterans day. By the way if you need a simple reminder of the differences between the two holidays:

War Dead Honored On Memorial Day Weekend
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Memorial Day is for those who served and passed in the line of duty and service to our nation. The ones who didn't make it back home

Veterans day is for ALL that served.

Wishing a veteran a happy memorial day may be a little uncomfortable to them as it's remembering death when they are very much alive. Thank them for their service instead. What makes Memorial Day weird for me is we've turned it into another big holiday with parties, barbecue, drinking and celebration. Don't get me wrong, thats fine and dandy if that's what works for you, I'm not here to judge because I know I have a packer brisket that is gonna see a pit this weekend myself. Memorial Day is more than a three day weekend, It is a somber reminder that there are those who gave all unselfishly for this great nation and the freedom that we enjoy. And while I'm smoking that brisket, there's plenty of time to reflect on that idea. For me it's telling my boys about their great grandfather who served in the Pacific Theatre in WWII and the stories he had or perhaps their grandfather and uncles who spent time over in the Middle East for Desert Shield/Storm. It's a good time to share our family's legacy and duty to country.

Yes there's an escape from reality for a few days, and we all need that. I'm just saying that when you fire that grill up, spend time with family, take advantage of the big sale just take a moment to remember that we are here because there are those that came before us and paid the price for us to be. Say a prayer, raise a glass and remember for those who didn't make it back home.

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