Let's face it, COVID-19 has been a son of a gun... one of the biggest side effects of the disease for music fans was a complete shut down of concerts and music tours across the country. But that all came to an end this weekend when Midland came to town. clearly they came ready to party too. Some of their pics below even gather a moment after they finished up at Hodgetown and broke out the wine (4th slide if you wanna get to it right away):

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It really IS a big deal:

The show at Hodgetown really was a big deal. Events are back in Amarillo and Midland is just a start, with Sod Poodles baseball around the corner the management has shown that they are ready for large crowds again. Are things back to 100% Normal? No not really we still had to distance at the show but I don't see the big deal. It's price to pay for getting that live entertainment. Think of it this way, would you rather see the show on some live stream event and deal with buffering or would you rather be out and about having your face rocked?! Midland may have been the perfect way to get things going again and hopefully more is to come.

So, Who's Next?

Baseball obviously. In fact, Hodgetown will be supporting two teams this year. The Sod Poodles and the Sod Squad both Double A and TCL baseball respectively. But for concert goers you wont have to wait too long Koe Wetzel happens to be coming to town May 1st. Maybe if we continue to have good luck with our numbers here in Amarillo we might see more action sooner rather than later.

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