If you're missing a pig in the Amarillo area, we might have found it. The Randall County Sheriff's Office has it, and would love to return it to you.

According to a post on Facebook today, they found the pig on October 25. It was located in the area of Bell and Lair.

Something I didn't realize, is that if they find your pig and hold it for 30 days, they will take it to auction. On Facebook, people have already started asking questions in anticipation of it going to sale.

The post does list it as a boar, and says that they found it around 7:40 PM.

The Facebook post and more photos can be found below.

I guess worst case scenario is that this pig belongs to an Ag student who has no idea their pig has been found. I helped my friends take care of their pigs when we were growing up. That's a lot of work and money down the drain if this pig goes to auction.

If it does belong to a student, here's to hoping we reunite them with their pig and they learn a lesson. If it doesn't, here's to hoping we reunite the pig with whoever it belongs to.

What if it's a pet? People keep pigs as pets instead of future food. That's a thing.

Even if it was being raised just to wind up at auction, I'm sure the owner would like reaping the monetary fruits of their labor.  Share this and hopefully this pig gets home.

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