Nobody tells you that being a Mom can be hard.  Nobody tells you how wonderful being a mom can be and at the same time so heartbreaking.  It's something you learn as you become a mother and experience it first hand.  I have had moments in my life when I experience something as a mom and think, "wow, I owe my mom a huge apology.  I never knew it was this hard."   As a mom I experience new things all the time and I realize that at moments I really took my mom for granted.


I asked a few people what are some of the things you took for granted about your Mother.

Agneiska said her mom's cooking:

My mom's cooking. I always helped and liked her cooking but I took it for granted. Now that I have to cook , I know how much of an effort it is . When she comes to visit me, she helps me cook and I always appreciate it very much and thank her for it. My children love Memes cooking.

Michelle G said her mom's strength:

Just going through life and seeing all that she has endured with cancer (2x) and the strength she had. I never thought I could be as strong as her but I have gone through my own trials and realized that if it wasn't for her...I would never be as strong as I am now.

Michelle said it was her mom's voice:

I miss her voice. I wish I could call her and just listen to her talk, even if it didn't make sense. Once they've been gone awhile (Moms been gone 7 years) it's hard to hear their voice in our mind.

Rachel said her mother's friendship:

Mine passed away when I was 7. I am obviously sad she never got to meet my husband and kids, but this past year I especially missed what her friendship might look like.
Within the last year I thought if my mom were here I would have someone, one person, on the planet who knew me well enough to know I was completely drowning in life. 5 kids, home school, new baby, getting real estate license, husband with a back injury and intense grief, and myself also grieving the traumatic sickness and loss of my father in law. Not having a single soul who would come into my home and do a load of dishes, mop the floor, or hold the baby made me long for my mom who I know would've done that without me even asking. The loneliness was very hard.
So friendship. Those are things others with mothers like that may take for granted.

JC said freedom and trust:

Freedom, my mom instilled in me the one thing my friends hated me for. I never had a curfew, she taught me to drive starting at 14 so at 15 I was solo. Trust, we didn't have cellphones and my mom worked hard to put me thru private school & at 15 I was mopping floors at Safeway to have money when not DJ'n at the skate rink. My mom NEVER questioned my logical decisions and only reminded me of the implications of my illogical choices before I made them. I was lucky to be raised by a single mother and an only child. Spoiled? You bet but I learned to spoil my friends as I have moved decade to decade. This will be the first Mother's Day without mine. She gained her wings 259 days ago. My mothers Trust, Freedom, and Ethics have made me the man I am. We can't choose our mother's but you can everyone else, always remember that.

Linda said :

My mom went to college in the 1930's and worked all during the Great Depression, WWII and on into future decades. I was basically the first "latch key" child before the term was ever coined. After dialing 35 on the phone to reach her at the Hereford Courthouse, I would ask her secretary if I could talk to her. Don't even think I was neglected or ran wild, she had high standards concerning my chores, grades, activities and friends. She was hard working, stylish, independent, smart, creative, organized and intuitive. She insisted I do the right thing and sent my dad to check up on me regularly. She was the progressive roll model for my life and I was not a willing receiver. When I told her I was going to have a baby, she abruptly retired from her 50 year career and became a full time grandmother. My 10 year old daughter once said, "I can't believe my grandmother raised you." Only after my mother died did I realize that she had passed the torch of womanhood exactly as she planned. She instilled her values, goals and morals in order for me to raise a family while juggling a career. Then gave me the permission to be a crazy, eccentric grandma. No I never became organized.

I never really understood how much a mother sacrifices for their children or what they give up for their kids.  I didn't realize how much a mother hurts when their child hurts.  Looking back I know my mom sacrificed a lot.  She loved and loves her children.  She still sacrifices for us even as adults, and she does the same for her grandchildren.   The job as a mom doesn't stop even when kids grow up.  It's on going and forever.

So Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate Mom.  Celebrate mom for everything she has done.  Tell her how much you love her and how grateful you are for everything she has done.

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