WOW! I'm sure we all have 'been there' at one point in time.

You're watching one of your favorite shows and then, all of a sudden, your show is interrupted with a live weather 'break-in.'

Sure, it can be irritating but, if there's a major tornado heading your way wouldn't you want to know about it?

As you will see in this YouTube clip from KSFY in Sioux County, IA, a MAJOR tornado ripped through the town. Viewers where upset because the TV station broke in with this emergency weather update during the season finale of 'Once Upon A Time.'


Safety first, gang! The first rule in broadcast media is to serve the public and that means public safety.

Only thing I'm not sure about is how the anchor handled the situation on air.

I give her props for speaking her mind, but I'm not sure it was the most 'professional' way to handle it.

What do you think?




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