You don't know your family as well as you think you do.

Google analyzed the most commonly misspelled words from each state across America. This data coincided with the Scripps National Spelling Bee, where American students prove that most of us have the vocabularies of cavemen.

Words like "desert" (the dry place where you might find a cactus) and "cancelled" (the proper spelling, although "canceled" is widely accepted) were commonly misspelled in several states.

However, the word that really stumped Texans was not found in any other state.

The most commonly misspelled word in Texas is "niece." As most of you know, a "niece" is the daughter of your sibling. A "neice" is nothing at all, so when you're googling gift ideas for relatives, don't let Google catch you typing that in the search bar.

Some of the funniest words that people in other states misspelled:

  • Diarrhea - Arizona
  • Leprechaun - Utah
  • Tongue - Alabama
  • Massachusetts - Massachusetts (yep, they can't even spell their own state right!)