Mrs. Baird's has been a staple in Texas homes for decades.  From bread to pies to snacks, they offer some of the best bakery goods.

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Mrs. Baird's was created when William and Ninne Baird moved to Ft. Worth.  In 1908 Ninne Baird had to find a way to support her family when William fell ill.  She sold the family restaurant and began baking.  As a way to support her family, Mrs. Baird's grew into a national brand loved by many.   Ninnie passed away in 1961 and her family continued to run the business until the 90s when the company filed for bankruptcy and was bought by Bimbo Bakeries.

Mrs. Baird's used to have outlet bakeries all over the state.

The Mrs. Baird's Bakery Outlet was like a thrift store for Mrs. Baird's products.  This store was where an overstock of bread and other baked goods were brought and sold for a cheaper price.

I remember going with my grandmother into Mrs. Baird's Outlet and getting those delicious fried pies for only 25 cents.

After extensive research, the only Mrs. Baird's Bakery Outlet still alive is in Ft. Worth, 7301 South Freeway.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Mrs. Baird's Bakery Outlet used to be in bigger Texas Cities across the state.  However, these outlets started disappearing 2011 and were gone by 2020.

The days of overstock Mrs. Baird's bread and baked goods at a cheap price are long gone unless you make the trip to Ft. Worth.  You'll just have to buy your Mrs. Baird's products at full price at the grocery store.

Even though they are gone, is there a way we could get Mrs. Baird's to start making the Cherry Cinnamon Rolls again?

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