Surely by now most of us have heard that feeding bread to ducks and geese is actually bad for them. There is another side of the story though. So should you, or should you not, feed bread to ducks and geese?

Here's what to know before you head out to the park this weekend.

Why You Shouldn't Feed Bread to Ducks

Back in March of this year, I actually did a lot of digging into the subject. Growing up, a lot of us fed bread to ducks. It's hard to remember a time when going to the park didn't include taking a loaf.

I broke it down in detail in this article, but here's a quick recap:

  • Feeding ducks bread can cause angel wing which is a condition where the wing has developed wrong due to poor diet.
  • Bread that is not eaten can cause algae to grow causing ducks and fish alike to become ill. It can also help spread disease, and increase the occurrence of pests (like rats).
  • Instead feed them peas, chopped lettuce, corn, seedless grapes, and birdseed.

As always, there's another side to the story.

Feeding Bread to Ducks is Better Than Nothing, Sort of

I came across a social media post last night making a case for feeding bread to ducks. If you've seen the post on social media, it's of a sign that says bread is better than nothing.

It also encourages you to do a Google search of "starving birds no bread," which I did. The sign is actually from a park in England and has been making the rounds online for a while.

Here is what I found out when it comes to feeding ducks bread, and whether or not there is a real problem with birds starving.

  • There isn't a massive global problem with ducks starving.
  • Feeding bread to ducks isn't necessarily bad. However, too much of it is.
  • The bread can cause big problems if it is left sitting in the water.
  • If you insist on feeding bread to ducks, make sure it is a small amount of bread. You probably don't need the whole loaf.
  • Ducks need a varied diet in order to remain healthy, so maybe take something other than bread next time.

In the multiple interviews with experts that I read through, it is mentioned that bread in moderation isn't necessarily bad. However, if that's all that anyone ever takes it can cause problems.

So if you plan on feeding the ducks at Medi Park this weekend, take a little bread and take something else with you too.

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