A question can lead to so many things, and it's amazing what answers you can find when you do a little research.

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I don't mind getting questions, in fact, this question was fun to research.  The question we received was,

Any idea what is being built behind Lin's and Chuy's?

At first thought, the answer was the new Route 66 Family Buffet but that is going into the old Furr's building.  Not directly behind those restaurants.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So I started digging, and in my research depending on the plot of land, it could be located at 8401 W. Amarillo Blvd or it is going to be located at 2200 Cinema Drive.  They are both located in the Canode-Com Park area, and both are located behind Lin's and Chuy's.

Google Maps
Google Maps

However, in my research, I did find that each plot had different owners.  However, both owners are involved in the hotel business.  So with this information, my speculation has brought me to the fact, that another hotel will be built in that area.  You know because Amarillo doesn't have nearly enough hotels.

That area where this speculated hotel is going already has 7 hotels, and that doesn't include the ones across Soncy to the west and north of West Amarillo Blvd.

I think I somewhat answered the question that was asked, but I would like to ask you:

We'll find out sooner rather than later exactly what hotel will be put behind Lin's and Chuy's.

My next question is, what will the old movie theater become?  Will it become something grand like an Alamo Drafthouse or will it be bulldozed and something new built in its place?

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