With all the rolling black outs across the Texas Panhandle coming to an end for now (at least according to Xcel Energy), the last thing you want to deal with is losing natural gas. Natural gas, for most of us, doesn't get the same attention as does electricity. After all, we don't use it to light our homes. But for those of us who rely on natural gas for heat, it's the difference between a nice toasty house or bath and pure unadulterated misery.

The folks over at Atmos Energy which serves much of the High Plains have no plans for outages at the moment, but along with officials from the City of Amarillo, they are asking folks to conserve their natural gas use to help keep the system intact over the next few days until things finally warm up.

The good news here is that there are no major drastic steps to do your part. Here's how  you can help

1. Turn your thermostat down

You can help save just by knocking your heater down to 68 degrees, Yes it might be slightly cooler than you're used to but it's still much better than what's going on outside. adding a sweater helps to warm you back up. This might just be an excuse to throw an extra blanket on or cuddle up while watching TV with someone. Think about turning down if you're heading out for a long period of time too.

2. Seal up them doors and windows!

If you have a drafty window or door, find a blanket or towel you aren't using and cover up the leak. it may look a little off but it might make the difference in how well your heat stays in your home with all the chilly air outside. and yes this works both ways, it also helps keep the cold out where it belongs.

3. Your water heater can shed a few degrees too. 

No one likes a cold shower (okay some of us do) but you can save here too. knock the temperature down to warm, you may not get the sauna you're used to but again you still have the ability to have something warm by conserving. besides it's only a day or two.

4. Use your fireplace wisely

Here's a win win! Throw a couple of logs on the fire if you have the ability. it's free heat and who doesn't like a cozy fire!? Keep the damper closed when you're not using it and if you have a bottom damper (usually outside and the bottom of the fireplace) use that instead.

Remember it's just a few days, We'll get through this.

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