According to a post published by the Amarillo Police Department Facebook page, there is a new phone scam going around. This time, it is targeting Xcel Energy customers.

The post states that several people have contacted the department about the phone calls, where someone is pretending to be with Xcel Energy. They will claim that the victim is behind on their bill, and that their service will be disconnected.

This is when the scammer will demand payment. Then they will ask for your personal information. Do not give them any of your personal information.

The Amarillo Police Department had several tips listed in the post for combating these types of scams. The best one is to hang up, then call Xcel Energy for confirmation.

Also, you can hang up and then look up the phone number that called you. APD also encourages you to contact their Public Information Office.

You can see the entire post below.

With it being the holidays, scams are bound to happen. Scammers will be looking to take advantage of the generous nature of the holiday season. In the case of this scam, they will be banking on you wanting to keep the heat on during the cold winter days.

Always hang up, and as the APD put it, do your own investigation. Never give out your personal information.

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