So... apparently TABC being the Buzzkills that they are has rules against contests like this.... but any Amarillo Bar who could afford it... might just expand their clientele base with a stunt like this...

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Now I do enjoy a good cold one now and again and honestly I'm willing to bet most of you reading this are in the same boat. Each of us has our brand that we're loyal and swear by but for the price of Free .99 you got my attention.

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Yep, The fine folks at Anheuser-Bush are giving away free Budweiser to anyone who has had their vaccine and enters a contest. They aren't the first to do this. the folks over at Krispy Kreme are doing the same thing. Since Krispy Kreme decided to skip town obviously donuts will not be had here in Bomb City. But you wanna give me free Budweiser? No complaints here.

And if you're gonna give away free beer, and Budweiser at that... I'm expecting an appearance from the Budweiser Clydesdales... wait... hang on:

It's clever, They pull at the heartstrings with the puppy too. Makes me want to roll up my arm. I've had one, and in a few weeks I'll get number two. if we can all do this we might just have the same happy ending drinking together.

So is there a catch? Yep of course there is. There are only 10,000 beers up for grabs and of course you have to be over 21. The prize itself is a 5 dollar debit card to purchase said beer. The way I see it though why not? Beer is Beer and better when it's free and there are more than enough places here in the Amarillo area to get your COVID-19 vaccine. If you're interested here's the link to the Budweiser Contest

Happy trails y'all!

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