Garth Brooks announced that a new song of his called "Pure Adrenaline" will kick off weekly SEC Game of the Week broadcasts on CBS this summer and fall. It’s the first sample of what his next studio album will sound like.

During a short Facebook Live chat with fans on Monday afternoon, Brooks revealed that each week's song will be customized to reflect the matchup. The first game pits UCLA and Texas A&M on Sept. 3. The season lasts through early December.

Brooks was on the set of Inside Studio G, the home of his weekly Monday night Facebook Live chat with fans to take them into the making of his next album. There he confirmed that "Pure Adrenaline" will be on his next album, but said it is not the first single. Fans even got a preview of what the song sounds like and what his weekly videos will look like. The singer is very involved in the directing of the weekly clips.

Writer Gordon Kennedy helped write all the different variations of "Pure Adrenaline." This morning Brooks was filming the many different opening segments. Footage of him performing will be intertwined with highlights from SEC football teams. Fast-forward to about the four-minute-mark to hear a sample of what "Pure Adrenaline" will sound like.

The song was written a couple of years ago, Brooks says, adding that he's wearing Mike Chapman's bass in the video. The late bassist played on this record two years ago, so Brooks will be saluting Chapman every week on national television.

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