Top 5 Things Any Texan Would Want at A Tailgate Party
First things first, and everyone knows this…So much so it doesn’t make this list. It is just a “given”. You arrive early. There are many reasons for this. First, placement is everything. You have to have time to prepare (food and set up). And also, who wants to rush around. So, in hopes of making this sports season brighter, here are the items top five items that every Texan can include in “tailgate party package” to create a more enjoyable experience.
Ziggy Hood is Coming Back Home to Amarillo
When you think about Ziggy Hood you think about all the great things he has done. You think about him starting off here in Amarillo. You think about his days at Palo Duro High School. Oh but he was one of those that moved on. He never forgot about his start and his hometown of Amarillo.

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