Terribly sad news to pass along about a player who passed away this week.

Just northwest of Amarillo is the town of Dalhart, Texas. Over the past few days, the town has been in shock after what happened during the JV football game on Thursday night. Yahir Cancino suffered a head injury in the fourth quarter of the game. Cancino would be airlifted to University Medical Center in Lubbock on Thursday.

During the day on Friday, a prayer vigil was had for Cancino. Sadly that night, it was announced that he had passed away from his injuries. On Sunday, a candlelight vigil was held at the football stadium in honor of Yahir Cancino. His mother shared a statement on her Facebook page about her son. “We ask for prayers for peace and healing not only for us but for all the people Yahir touched in his life,” Cancino’s mother, Araceli Hernandez, stated in a Facebook post. “We have chosen to donate his organs because Yahir was always about helping people and we want to honor his memory.”

In a statement from the Dalhart ISD, they will be having grief consoulers at the school tomorrow, for any students that may need some help in dealing with this tragedy.

Absolutely tragic story for the small Texas town that is in mourning this weekend. The varsity game on Friday was cancelled so that friends could go to the hospital on Friday. Even members of the opposing team the Sundown Roughnecks came to show their support on Friday as well.

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