Heart of high school football is underway and that means another season is coming to an end then a start to the playoffs. Now how would it work if the University Interscholastic League changes the classification of high school football adding 6A to the mix

2014 is the year when the UIL want to start and move up 6 man football to be considered a class 1A and the currently 1A is bumped up to 2A and so forth. Which 5A would be the new 6A in high school sports based on how many kids attend the school.

Not only is the classification of schools changing also, all 10 football championships will be played on the same weekend, same site the start of the 2013 season. Then currently, soccer has only Class 4A and 5A schools, but in 2014 a Class 3A will be started in soccer. UIL is the governing body for high school athletics in Texas, and they passed these decisions monday. Knowing all the schools now have an A beside their classification coming the 2014 year.


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