It seems like every week we are hearing about a local business or restaurant closing. This week alone we have been made aware of two more shutting their doors. One business, however, is looking to make a home in Amarillo. Twin Peaks is coming.

If you are not familiar with Twin Peaks, you could compare it to Hooters but with a hunting lodge aesthetic. Waitresses are clad in revealing attire that includes, but is not limited to, flannel shirts and short shorts. Rustic lodge furniture and taxidermy furnish the dining hall.

If testosterone supplements aren't your thing, Twin Peaks has you covered. Their website even welcomes you to the "lodge MANTALITY."

According to a statement from Twin Peaks, they are looking to expand into west Texas by opening several new locations. One of those locations is Amarillo. Before you start celebrating you do need to know that according to reports, it is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of three years before they open.

For now, it looks like the good news is that one day we will be able to have a lady lumberjack serve us an ice cold beer with a burger while we watch football. The bad news is that it could be up to three years away.

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