While Nicole Kidman continues to dominate the film and television world, she also has a unique hidden talent: the ability to eat bugs! Without gagging.

During Vanity Fair’s video segment “Secret Talent Theatre,” Kidman shared her special skill with the world in a startling one-minute video.

"I'm Nicole Kidman and I'm going to eat a four-course meal of bugs," the actress explains nonchalantly. Donning a black-and-white dress similar to what she might wear out during a romantic dinner date with husband Keith Urban, the actress went on to introduce each insect she's about to chow down on.

To begin with? "Hornworms. They're still alive," she notes, as she dangles a turquoise-colored insect in front of her mouth with chopsticks. "Mmm. Extraordinary. Very moist. Chewy. Can't quite describe the flavor. I need a little water."

Unfazed by her first course, she then informed viewers that two billion people in the world eat mealworms — which also happened to be her next round.

Those went down seamlessly, as well. "I'm telling you. I'd win Survivor," she observes, without batting an eyelash. "That is a frushy taste. I'd recommend it."

Her following two dishes included crickets and fried grasshoppers — which are both, amazingly enough, something she apparently relishes.

"Here we have crickets. Ah, nothing!" she exclaims with a big smile. "Ah! Awesome. Like nothing you've ever tasted. Like a hairy nut. And not from the shell."

She continues, "And now for dessert, the fried grasshoppers. These are amazing. These are exquisite. Grasshoppers—I recommend them for anyone," she muses, digging into her dessert.

"Thank you for spending so much time with me and watching me eat bugs," Kidman concludes her odd meal.

When not eating insects, Kidman managed to fit in her usual round of dazzling red-carpet appearances with Urban, the latest being the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 21, where she won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries for her role in HBO's Big Little Lies.

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