Just when you think things might be calming down around Amarillo.  Think again.  A man took police on a chase all through the city.

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The Amarillo Police Department tried to stop a vehicle at I-30 and Mirror, around 11:30am on Friday, February 11th.  They believed that the man driving the car was wanted.   The driver refused to stop and fled.  He took Amarillo police on a chase throughout the city.

The driver stopped the vehicle and fled on foot at 6th and Roberts.   Police were then able to capture him and take him into custody.  The 29-year old make was identified as Cayetano Vela Medrano.  He was arrested for Parole violation and booked in to the Potter County Detention Center.  The chase lasted about and hour.

Amarillo Schools took the necessary precautions, and moved all outdoor activities indoors during the chase.

I just have a question, don't these people watch police shows and haven't they learned on way or the other, the police always win in a police chase.

Taking police on a chase not only puts the police in danger it also puts the community in danger, and 9 times out of 10 it ends with a person or persons, getting hurt.

Again, and I've asked this many times, what is going on in Amarillo.  Do people have nothing better to do than to cause trouble?

The APD is doing their best to keep our city safe.  Let's hope one of these days, these criminals learn their lesson.

Sheesh!  A chase through Amarillo.

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