So let me start off with the title of this story, We aren't hitting things with our cars, we are hitting people. This week, Amarillo has had a few high-profile collisions. A few days ago I talked about a motorcycle incident I saw that looked pretty rough

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera

The rider actually reached out to me and thanked me for bringing his story and those others here in town who ride motorcycles into the light. He's gonna be okay and that's a good thing. In fact I'll say this, we are coming into Motorcycle Awareness Month this May. So no doubt, TXDOT will have a campaign to remind us.

It's not just motorcycles...

Earlier today Amarillo proved that it also has a problem with bicycles, too. Like motorcycles, they may not be easy to spot, which is likely what happened today when a cyclist was struck at SE 36th and Polk St.

It's scary with bikes because, like motorcycles, they aren't exactly high profile-vehicles. They're easier to miss and harder to predict their intent to turn, brake, etc. Amarillo doesn't exactly seem to be welcoming to bike riders either, as narrow as our roads are and in the "GREAT" condition the city keeps them in. Bike lanes are found only in several areas of town, leaving many riders exposed to vehicles or taking chances with the inconsistent sidewalk.

I take these stories personally because I lost my sister in law at age 24 being struck by a car while riding her bike home from work. While I don't know the condition of the man hit earlier today, I know the pain that his family is feeling.

We need more from City Hall

There's a big election coming up soon. I don't know who's going to win. Honestly I really don't care because they have their agendas and they never seem to line up with what you and me and most folks want. we want our roads fixed and safe and we want improvements that keep stories like this from happening, But they never seem to make it into the fancy ads they keep posting on TV.

We have got to do better, our first responders have taken a few hits on the chin this year too. It's gotta stop, and its not a it's gotta stop or I'll do this situation... it's a It's gotta stop for everyone's sake situation.

Keep an eye out for each other Amarillo.

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