I'm a live and let live kinda guy, and I figure 99.9% of you reading this are the same way. My exception to this rule are mosquitos who deserve nothing but hot steamy death in any form that comes to them. I'm not a cat guy, I don't sit here and harp on how evil they are or anything like that but no cat or any animal deserves to go by drowning.

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It's been a rough summer for our pets, besides mosquitos, the extra rain has brought an increase in fleas and ticks and for the dogs, distemper has definitely been a thing here in the Texas Panhandle. That aside let me get to this story and for those who are sensitive it gets ugly.

Meet Katlyn Smith

attachment-Katlyn Smith
Amarillo Police

Katlyn Smith is accused and lets make that clear accused so far. There's still proceedings that need to take place but it's not looking good for the 17 year old. The official charges are cruelty to a non-livestock animal by killing. The method? Drowning. The incident took place back in July but either way she could be facing a few years in jail and a fine. But honestly whatever she gets isn't going to be as bad as the rep that comes with the crime. A quick look at the Randall County Mugshots Facebook Page there's no shortage of commentary that would make hardened sailor blush showing that she's already been tried convicted and sentenced in the court of public opinion.

Again, not a cat guy, but if you put one in my hand I don't mind giving them a little embrace and just let them go on their way. I'll admit I do enjoy cat videos even. There's no place for killing an animal simply because it exists and drowning on top of that. Come on... just let it be.

There's a few animals below that might actually fight back if you ever tried to turn on them. scroll on

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