The time is here. Everyone is getting sick. You don't have time to get sick. Who does? Here are some ways you can keep it away.

The obvious one that helps is getting the flu shot or mist. It does not guarantee the flu stays away because there are way too many strands out there to know which one will be prevalent but if you do get it....the flu will not last as long.

Wash your hands! Oh and I mean a lot. Flu germs are spread easily by the germs on your hands. So wash them to keep from spreading germs. Oh and just as important is to avoid touching your face. Germs tend to transfer from your hands to your mouth or nose. So avoid touching at all cost.

It helps you out a lot if you get plenty of sleep and eat healthy. The more you can boost your immune system the better your chance to avoid getting sick. Your diet and sleep habits are really important to your well being. Vitamins are important too so up your intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body keep you strong and healthy.

You also need to get outside as much as you can. We tend to share germs and sickness because we are cooped up inside.So get out and breath the fresh (albeit cold) air.

Here is to a healthy end of 2018 and continue it into 2019!

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