We will be getting to cold and flu season before long. This will be an unusual one this year. Is it a cold? Is it the flu? Or is it covid? How do we know which steps to take? I mean do we just ride it out like we would a cold?

Should we make an appointment with a doctor. How will we know. I am the last person to make a doctor's appointment. In fact I have not had a primary physician until this year. Instead I always just made an appointment with Family Medicine Center.They have always done me right.

I had to get a primary physician this year due to blood pressure issues. So now if I get sick I can make an appointment there. How do I know when to schedule?

First if you notice a fever that won't go away this is the first step to thinking maybe you should go in and see a doctor. Do you also have a cough? With the flu the cough may start before the flu. With coronavirus it is usually the opposite. You will have a fever first.

How does your body feel? Are you achy? Are you sore? It could be corona. If you also add in an upset stomach or vomiting definitely go ahead and make an appointment. Here is the thing.....we are all learning in 2020. It is probably always going to be better to err on the side of caution.

If you are not sure if it is the flu or corona go ahead and go in. Either way a doctor and some direction and meds can help you feel better and sooner.

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