Need a little positivity in your life? This is definitely your feel good story for the week.

Over in Denton County, Texas, Chris Bailey once again but on his sleeping bag drive. He has been donating sleeping bags to homeless shelters throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area for five years now. Chris asks people to donate a high quality sleeping bag and you can ship it straight to his door.

Chris recommends ordering a Coleman sleeping bag for $35 because those ones are rated for as low as 20 degree weather. "Every year in Dallas-Fort Worth, multiple homeless folks literally freeze to death., and a sleeping bag can literally save a life," said Chris Bailey, the organizer of the sleeping bag drive. He started the drive the day after Christmas this year and so far has around 1,200 sleeping bags. Last year he got 769 bags and it looks like he may double his efforts this year.

Chris started the Everybody Love Everybody campaign back in 2015. It was a comment he made on his Facebook at the time and someone commented, 'That's impossible'. That broke Chris and he hopes doing this sleeping bag drive every year does make a difference.

The sleeping bag drive is running through the end of January. If you would like to buy one, here is the link for Chris' wish list. I hope Chris doubles his bag donations every year. Chris has made donations to The Bridge and Austin Street Shelter in Dallas and True Worth and Presbyterian Night Shelter in Fort Worth.

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