Driving down Southwest 9th Avenue near Coulter, you can see that construction is well under way of the new Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo. Officials say that despite some weather related delays, everything is on target and on schedule. The school plans to be open to it's first class by the fall of 2021.

As work continues on the site, the school is focusing on becoming accredited. The next steps include a site visit by the end of June and a full council meeting by the end of September to consider the application. Then they will be able to begin the admissions process for students. TTU estimates around 40 to 60 students will be in the opening class with the ability to accommodate up to 400 students down the road.

Once the school is opened, not only will it bring new jobs and people to Amarillo, but it will mark a milestone in Texas. This will be the state's first new veterinary school in more than 100 years to open. Many counties, especially in west Texas, have no licensed veterinarians. The school hopes that they will not only be able to address the shortage across the state, but across the country.

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